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Biji Fruktus Hipopae dan tanah tinggi Mongola terpilih sebagai bahan mentah. Terletak setinggi 1800 m dan ke atas dan paras lautan. Tanah tinggi tersebut terkenal dengan khazanah “kehijauan yang tidak tercemar. Buah biji Fruktus Hipopae yang dituai di kawasan ini kaya dengan vitamin, mineral. Unsur-unsur halus berkualiti tinggi yang menjadi asas kejayaan produk SNE.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

 Hippophae rhamnoidës

It is my favourite herb for its flexibility and unsurpassable effects. 

Sea buckthorn grows up to height of up to ten metres; it’s rich branched, there are spines on branches, leaves are narrow and light overleaf, its fruit is orange stone fruit which is in season and harvested in autumn.

Why sea buckthorn is so special? First of all it’s for its high content of vitamins and other active agents. Now we'll say word or two about what agents it contains and how they affect our organism.

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Skin Problem -Enzema

 Name: Sandra

Problem Sloved: Enzema or Dry Skin getting much better in 2 months

Summary: visited into many Doctor, specialist all giving the same solution eg. oilment, krim, pil, at the end come to steriod and anti-biotic. And much and much doze increased becouse does not seen any improvement. After consume SNE 6 pills/day in two months times, condition much better, skin no more sensitive when touching and confortable. all the water come out and neat... 

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Brain Matter

 Name: Ng Jin Lee

Problem Solve: Memory and concentration

Summary: Ng Jin Lee Always no concentrate in study, and can not concentrate in study and in the class. After he meet SNE he grow higher and no need tuisyen and able to get the good result it actually totally difference compare to previous condition.



 Name: Yusof

Problem Solve: Cancer Usus

Summary: He facing many health problem since he is young, but he is fainthed one day in the lorry he is driving... doctor annouce he had Cancer Usus and need to cut.... one day.. .. 


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